Who We Are

Our story starts  – as the best ones do – with two lovers in Paris. Sharing a passion for food and travel, these Parisians set out to find the best food their country had to offer. Soon after reaching Normandy, they discovered what made this region a unique destination. 


The two moved to California and created Frentel, a company dedicated to making high-quality, traditional Normandy butter available to US consumers. Twenty-five years later, Frentel continues to bring all-natural, artisanal French butter made from rich Normande milk to local markets.

Bring better butter home today. 

Our Butter

Meet Salted & Unsalted



Enjoy richer texture and gourmet flavor every day. Add a bit of Frentel to your favorite grilled meats, fresh bread, stews, pasta, or roasted vegetable dishes. Our salted Frentel is ideal as a topping, spread, or ingredient.


Discover the difference Frentel can make in your cakes, cookies, and pastry creations. Our unsalted butter is ideal for baking and cooking to bring out superior flavor, texture, and appearance.

Our Ghee

Salted & Unsalted Clarified Butter

(Coming Soon…)

Salted Frentel Ghee Clarified Butter

with Himalayan Pink Salted

FRENTEL’s buttery and delicious grass-fed cow Clarified Butter is made in New Zealand. Clarified Butter is a versatile butter and can be used as a spread, baking, cooking, BBQ or sautéing.

UnSalted Frentel Ghee Clarified Butter


Our method of GHEE making retains all the nutritional benefits, freshness, and essence of New Zealand’s grass-fed cows. Add richness to meats, vegetables, soups, and sauces.